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One of the objectives of DICRC is to take up or support research projects in various fields related to architecture and craft. The research undertaken are either carried out individually or with different university or professional or organisation, for period of 6 months to three years. Cross-fertilization is also encouraged between more experienced scholars and junior researchers working together on the same project to generate outstanding research.

The projects are carried out in various stages, which includes 

Identifying research project that significantly adds to knowledge and understanding of the built environment and craft. 

Finding the appropriate funding agencies. 

Research and in-depth documentation to record the topics of major importance. 

Facilitate the process of knowledge mobilization by dissemination of the gathered information in the right manner.

This area plays a strong role in development of research element of DICRC, both at programmatic and institutional level. Projects that we undertake are not bound by geographic borders, rather benefit from a diversity of opinion and cultural influences. DICRC is open for new opportunities to collaborate on research areas of common interest.

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