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The modus operandi followed at DICRC is an array of various actions defined as landmark steps. All projects undertaken at DICRC have associated actions points which tells the path/ process of the project. It has been tailor-made and designed after doing an in-depth research and understand of the focus areas and the nature of projects conducted by DICRC over the years. The modus operandi allows to look at the methodology followed and help define the research project.

To identify current scenarios and needs in the context of craft.
To create and develop collaborations involving various organizations and individuals.

To initiate interaction through demonstrations and discussions.

To develop various documentation methods to understand the craft and craft practice in depth.
To inquire about current scenarios of specific craft & craft practice and related design issues.
To generate an understanding and develop new perspective on building crafts through empirical knowledge.
To provide exposure to the craftspeople and designers about the craft through input sessions & site visits.
To brainstorm possible ideas to initiate innovation through craft design process.
To create effective new products, prototypes, modules through a rigorous amalgamation of craft and design.
To assess and evaluate the activities and events to generate an in-depth insight for the future of crafts.
To share the knowledge and exchange information through various activities and means.
To connect craftspeople and professionals through multiple initiatives to bridge gap between craft and design.

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