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Design Innovation and Craft Resource Centre (DICRC), CEPT University, India functions as an research centre for the development and understanding of Indian Crafts (SMC – Space Making Crafts and Surface Narrative Crafts) of Traditional and Vernacular Buildings of India.

DICRC’s main activities are to conduct dedicated research, documentation and organize programs, workshops and projects related to Craft and Traditional and Vernacular Interior Architecture. These are realized through detailed research, mapping, documentation, and analysis of Craft and Traditional and Vernacular built environment; Craft workshops and Innovation internship and fellowship programs; Training, curriculum development for craft and providing a platform for discussion, seminar, and forum for role of craft in Interior Architecture at national and International level. 

Through these programmes and partnerships, our key goal is to promote and encourage the study of crafts and to propagate the information to reach wider audiences and broaden our networking.  DICRC also functions as an interface between creative persons, artisans and the industry, interlinks all sides to create the basis for the implementation of innovative idea in the field of crafts within the current interior architecture education as well as practice.

DICRC also offers consultancy, training, internship and fellowship opportunities. It is a conducive platform where design thinking engages with a range of crafts and traditional knowledge

It has five major focus areas, which are Research & Documentation, Innovation and Development, Education and Training, Application and Collaboration and lastly Resource Building & Dissemination.

Focus Areas

  • Research & Documentation

    To identify, map, undertake research, conduct investigations, document and analyze the Traditional and Vernacular Buildings (TVBs) and the Traditional and Vernacular Crafts (TVCs) of India.

    TVB focuses on the of wealth of knowledge that lies in the traditional and vernacular built heritage and TVC focuses towards building a huge repository of crafts; Space Making Crafts (SMCs) and Surface Narrative Crafts (SNC’s) by documenting crafts, techniques, craftspersons, craft communities and clusters.

  • Innovation & Development

    To conduct Collaborative Craft-Design workshops, craft innovation internship and fellowship programs related to Space Making Crafts (SMCs) and Surface Narrative Crafts (SNCs) with the core idea of ‘innovation in craft’ and ‘innovation through craft’.

  • Education & Training

    To develop various craft based educational modules, conduct lectures, seminars and training programmes. Craft curriculum and design kits and other learning materials to be developed for the craftspeople as well as designers.

  • Application and Collaboration

    To create and develop effective relationships leading to collaborative activities and synergies involving design partnerships with industry, business, universities NGOs, other organizations and various individuals related to the craft sector. To undertake Craft-Design and Craft-Research projects towards understanding the multi layered structure of craft practices in India.

  • Resource Building & Dissemination

    To collect, categorize and classify data for the dissemination and to increase awareness within society about Space Making Crafts, Space Narrative Crafts and Traditional and vernacular buildings in India. The information will be dissemination through online Crafts Design Resource Lab, exhibitions and print media.  



    DICRC is supported by Industrial Extension Cottage (INDEXT-C), Government of Gujarat, India. INDEXT-C is a State Government Scheme under Cottage and Rural Industries (Commissioner of Cottage Industry).


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