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Celebrating Skills Roundtable was organized by Design Innovation and Craft Resource Centre (DICRC), on 2nd October 2012 with participation from CEPT Faculty and officials of Gujarat Government and it was attended by students of CEPT University. This roundtable looked at issues and perspectives on the approaches for training and development of the Craft sector as a whole. The proceedings were recorded on video and the participation was active and a brief summary report of the key concepts and recommendations that emerged from this meeting was generated.

Celebrating Skills: A RoundtableMapping Needs and Approaches for Skill Development in Gujarat

Prof. M P Ranjan
Professor – DICRC Design Chair
DICRC, CEPT University, Ahmedabad

Rishav Jain
DICRC, CEPT University, Ahmedabad

An Approach Paper

The building trade has gone through a huge transformation in our land since Independence and in a land that is blessed with an old tradition of fine architecture we now see signs of gross negligence where once care and attention to detail was paramount. This represents neglect of both skills and of culture as well. Ahmedabad is 600 years old and is now seeking the status of a world heritage city it is surrounded with many examples of imaginative built forms that date back to the early civilisation of the Indus valley with the existence of the Lothal excavations that is located just 70 km from the city. Gujarat too has a very old and continuous tradition of fine buildings and craftsmanship that was recognised by traders from distant lands and some of this stand as mute testimony of the skills and visions of its builders. Post-independence we saw a flush of modernism and many architectural examples of distinction were produced that set the agenda for India and for design, art and architectural education across India. However, it is evident that architectural vision must be matched with skills and knowledge of the master builder for us to see real results in all our creations.

The pressures of commerce and the arrival of new technologies as well as our intellectual centric education system has created an imbalance in our aspirations and abilities to make, build and deliver high quality creations for everyday use and in the public and private productions and living spaces. The gap between those who think and those who do is wider than ever before and this separation does not bode well for our society going forward.

The Roundtable brought together builders, architects, academics, government officials, professionals related to field of craft, architecture and design and master trainers from the local institutions to find approaches and strategies that could inform the next stages of our project of transforming skill training initiatives and institutions in the Gujarat. The idea was to explore the contours of Needs and Approaches that can contribute to the re-skilling of Gujarat.

This event raised issues concerning the youth and their aspirations and flag possibilities for encouraging them to be part of the new age of skills and creativity through a sharing of experience and concerns. Many issues were raised in a collaborative setting that could be processed into strategies, policies, curriculum and transformed institutions that would all together shape the future of the creative industries of the State that is built upon a well grounded and developed skill and knowledge base unique to the State of Gujarat.
We are in the process of uploading all the information so please come back soon and you can browse through our latest news and updates and learn more about our work. 

SID Research Cell and Faculty of Design, CEPT University, had organized a  two day international seminar titled Samvad: Dialogue 2011 on 31st August and 1st September, 2011 at the Ravi Mathai Auditorium, IIM, Ahmedabad. This seminar was supported by Design Innovation and Craft Resource Centre (DICRC), CEPT University. Convened by Prof. Snehal Nagarsheth and Anand Ramakrishnan, the seminar set forth to look at design and the interior environment from the viewpoint of Dialogues. Identifying key words that are relevant to today’s time, the Indian context and the realm of the interior environment, speakers constructed and presented an understanding of the interior as a resultant of the dialogue between them.

The seminar was organized as a pre-cursor to the international workshop conducted for the students of the International  Master of Interior Architectural Design (IMIAD) coming from Stuttgart, Edinburgh, Istanbul, Lugano, Lahti and Ahmedabad and aimed to offers a strong theoretical background and provide a worthy take-off point for the participants.  It also coincided with the completion of 20 years of the School of Interior Design.

The idea of dialogues was brought up, explored and discussed through an interesting mix of academic papers, position papers, essays and design projects. Considering ‘dialogue’ as a superset of arguments, conversations, debates and interrogation, the sessions were into three themes - INTERPRET, INTERROGATE and INDUCE, each respectively being analytical, investigative and theoretical in nature.

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The National Craft Seminar 2014 - "Paramparaa: Future Craft Traditions” is a part of the seven day long, ‘Garvi Gurjari National Craft Fair and Summit 2014’ from 21st to 27th February, 2014 at Ahmedabad organised by Ministry of Cottage Industries, Government of Gujarat, India.

The seminar will be conducted and organised by Design Innovation and Craft Resource Center (DICRC), CEPT University, Ahmedabad who is the Partner Institute for the Garvi Gurjari National Craft Fair and Summit 2014. The seminar will take place on the 21st February 2014 at Gujarat University Convention & Exhibition Center, Ahmedabad.

DICRC, CEPT University, was one of the partner institutes at the ‘Garvi Gurjari National Craft Fair and Summit 2015’, and conducted the National Craft Seminar 2015 ‘Karigari: Crafting the Future’. Garvi-Gurjari National Craft Fair & Summit 2015" was organised by Ministry of Cottage Industries, Government of Gujarat at the Polo Ground, Rajmahel Road in Baroda, India from from 23rd January to the 28th January. 

The National Craft Seminar 2015 ‘Karigari: Crafting the Future’ celebrated the impeccable skilfulness of the Indian craftspeople who give shape to the numerous celebrated craft forms of our nation. This Seminar looked towards the future of the karigari of the Indian karigar, by holding discussions on topics like Craft Design Collaborations, Craft in Interior Architecture and Entrepreneurship and Market Perspectives.

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