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Craft Documentation is a process of recording, categorizing and dissemination of information, through both graphic and written mediums. The process documents and explains the significant characteristics of a craft; the materials, process, tools and techniques involved in creating it; as well as the applications (Interior Architecture elements, Furniture, Objects and Accessories) of the Traditional and Vernacular Crafts.The recording process initiates with gathering information through literature study, followed by recording through field drawings and photographic documentation, which would later take form of a document, report or plate, depending upon the number of stages involved in order to carry out a particular craft.
The Craft Documentation at Gujarat is a process that documents and explains the significant characteristics of the various craft forms being practiced at different locations within Gujarat, through both graphic and written mediums. This process of documenting crafts within Gujarat is a one of its kind documentation technique in India, which involves the in-depth recording of the craft clusters along with the craftspeople, the craft technique, their working areas, the material supply chain and all the other important aspects involved with the craft. The examples for the Craft Documentation are selected from the clusters identified during the Craft Mapping process.
At Gujarat, the DICRC research team has finished documentation of eleven craft clusters, which are as mentioned below:

      Metal Embossing
      Patchwork and Aari Work
      Bamboo Craft
      Stone Craft
      Leather Craft

      Ankola Jali
      Glass Painting
      Copper Embosing
      Murti Making

       Wood Carving
       Zari Work
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